Our Sustainable Vision

Our commitment to a more sustainable future

Due to our deep respect and love of the natural world, we feel it is our duty to be custodians of the land: to protect our planet by embracing sustainable processes and practices wherever we can. We do this by reusing and recycling waste from the production of our products, as well as supporting our local community and charities. We proud to say we have removed plastic from our products and packaging. 

However, this is just the start of our journey. Noble Wilde has made sustainability, in all forms, an ongoing commitment. Which is why we are constantly pushing ourselves towards greater transparency, as we strive towards a more sustainable future. This is a journey we are taking with our suppliers—to ensure they share the same vision and responsibility towards sustainable practices as we do.

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Minimise waste. Maximise sustainability.

One of the ways we decided to maximise our sustainability was by minimising our waste. This means trying to recycle everything we can—where possible. One key example is upcycling our knitted waste.

Our retired sample swatches and off-cuts from garments are shredded by our local partners in Christchurch, carded and blended with virgin possum fur and merino wool and spun into a beautifully soft hand knitting yarn, Brushtale.

Wholegarment Knitting


Our WholeGarment knitting process means there is none of the material loss from fabric off cuts, as often found in conventional knitwear. In short, we only use the required amount of yarn needed to knit one garment. 

Our knitting machines operating with high efficiency and at high speeds for shorter amounts of time, to minimise our carbon footprint. WholeGarment further reduces our carbon footprint by eliminating entire processes, such as sewing and linking. 

By manufacturing all of our garments locally, we also lower our shipping and transportation energy outputs. Finally, we pay our employees a fair wage and maintain excellent working conditions.

Plastic Free


In 2020, we took a huge step towards our sustainability vision, by removing plastic from our packaging. For all our cartons and header boards we now use a fully recyclable board—responsibly sourced, unbleached, uncoated and printed with vegetable inks. Garments that used to be stored and shipped in plastic are now packed in recyclable paper bags.

Our packaging is made locally and assembled by hand in-house, with no added fixing or gluing.