Our Story

The Origins

Born & made in Christchurch since 1982

Our story starts in 1982, when Weft Knitting Company was founded by Hugh Douglas. We specialised in high quality woollen garments, for elegant, everyday wear. 

In 1998, thirsty for a new challenge and a product that could really differentiate ourselves from the market, we discovered an exciting new fibre blend, possum merino. As one of nature’s truly most wondrous materials, the innovation of blending possum fur with merino wool was a lightbulb moment for us, both as a company and creatively. 

We threw ourselves whole-heartedly into making garments extolling one of our key principles —luxury without comprise—and elevating possum merino into an art form.  

The world has changed a lot in the proceeding years, and as a company we have had to change with it, like expanding into linen garments and moving to plastic-free packaging. But a strong, unifying vision and commitment to living our values—to lead by example in our industry—is what has kept the Noble Wilde flag flying through the decades. And continues to guide us forward into the future. 

Local Experts

Christchurch through and through

If you ever met any Cantabrians, you’ll know we’re a proud bunch. Noble Wilde are no different. Our Christchurch origins is as much a part of our identity as the clothing we produce. We have been making our garments under the beautiful Canterbury skies since 1982, and Possum Merino since 1998. It’s what makes us who we are, and the one thing we’ll never change.

All of our knitwear is made at our factory in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Production techniques

Spinning yarn into gloriously elegant gold

We put great stock in our production facilities and techniques. We like to think this part of the Noble Wilde story where we see the fruition of all our hard work, and where dreams become ready-to-wear realities.

Here are the four key steps in our production journey. 

Spinning the yarn

The first stage in the creation of every Noble Wilde garment is when the possum fur and merino wool is dyed as a fibre and spun into a yarn.

This is to ensure the quality of the yarn is up to our exacting standards. 


Our Possum Merino and Summer Possum garments are then knitted using Shima Seiki - WholeGarment technology, coming complete and perfectly formed off the knitting machine. We also sew some garments from shaped components.
Our Merino is knitted as a 'continuous' fabric and cut and sewn together by experienced craftspeople. And our linen is hand cut from finely woven fabric.

Laundering and wet-finish treatments

In line with our sustainability values, the detergent and finishing liquids used in our laundry are exempt from chlorine and other nasty chemicals and acids (APEO, EDTA and NTA). Their biodegradability is beyond the requirements of German legislation—just another example of how we hold ourselves to the highest standard.

Quality Control and warehousing

Before anything leaves the factory, we go through and exhaustive quality control process—checking every garment we produce at least twice.
Items are carefully examined by hand, by the expert eye of our master makers. Before our fully female-run warehouse prepares the items for a efficient pick, pack and dispatch.